Humor & Comedy

The Humor Project – best humor resource of all brought to you by Joel Goodman.

AATH – American Association for Therapeutic Humor

Funnier U – One-of-a-kind, comedy training, original joke compilation, comedy coaching, and daily topical joke service.

Humor Mall – Humor in Tragedy and all sorts of useful applications of humor.

Dale Irvin’s Funny Business – a funny perspective on what’s happening in the world every Friday.

The Humor Potential – lots of resources and wisdom from Loretta LaRoche.

HumorLinks – and the links go on and on and on.

International Society for Humor Studies – Encyclopedia of 20th century American humor.

The Lunar Antics Bob Walters’ Eclectic Humor Directory.

Humor Month Join Steve Wilson, Joyologist and Founder of World Laughter Tour, is the new Director of National Humor Month (April).

Funnier Speeches is a great way to add more humor to your own presentation. Check out what Ron Culberson ( and David Glickman ( have to offer.

Comedy Search Engines

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