CELEBRATE! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations

Imagine a workplace where productivity is at an all-time high, where employees look forward to the workday, where people are matched to their strengths and are recognized accordingly, where you can “recalculate” mistakes and turn them into opportunities.  This can be YOUR workplace, your people, and your reality!

With lighthearted humor and refreshing honesty, Scott offers techniques for turning grievances into gratitude, dismay into play, and failure into lessons learned, all ripe for celebration. Scott weaves pertinent researches with ready-to-use examples showcasing the power of the “Celebration Mindset” in action. He shares how turning on and applying the “GPS”- Gratitude, Play, and Surprise- will guide you toward the greatest potential in your organization and your life.

Learn how to transform your workplace for the better, from the top to the bottom line. “Celebrate!” offers practical, effective tools to help you better engage and honor your employees, your clients, and your accomplishments.  With new strategies for improving your organization’s brand, Celebrate! will help you create a culture of authenticity and innovation, where productivity, performance, and profit potential soar.

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